The Solution

BSG combines classic problem solving and behavioural economics

Behavioural Economics combines the fields of psychology, judgement and economics to produce insights into how humans actually make decisions and how we with small changes can generate a big impact. We use classic problem solving and behavioural economics to build solid, fast and practical strategies:


BSG focuses on behavioural strategy and change

We focus on creating the right context for the most critical business decisions in top management. There are two types of decisions critical for a company – when management decides direction in strategy and when the organisation makes a myriad of decisions to execute that strategy:


BSG offers a next practice consulting model

McKinsey research shows that decision process quality is the largest determining factor of success and can improve results by 500%. Our solutions differ from top tier strategy consultancies in four fundamental ways:


If you want to build next practice strategy, learn about our solutions below, see THE CASES or CONTACT BSG:

Behavioural Strategy

Did you know that 70% of all strategic initiatives fail? Strategy is the art and science of deselecting alternative pathways towards a temporary competitive advantage and differentiated positioning. Because this is so crucial for the performance or even survival of the organization, we often put our best people in charge of these initiatives, but yet we … Continue reading Behavioural Strategy

Behavioural Change

How difficult can change be? Your results tomorrow depend on the actions today of the organisation you shaped yesterday. Therein lies a delay from management board thinking to organizational action, but the challenge is much more complex than that. The organization will be prone to status quo bias, to not invented here syndrome, to limited bandwidth, … Continue reading Behavioural Change