Case background

The client was a large global pharmaceutical company with several blockbusters behind it and a steady pipeline of mostly acquired new products.

The client had for years managed to run a very large company on basic commercial, operational, financial and technological capabilities.

A new high level corporate strategy had been defined and now had to be cascaded down the organization for execution.

Client challenge

While the client had a clear strategy and strong functional silo setup, there were few available resources, limited execution capability and no cross functional teams.

On top of this there was a need to reorganize around the new strategy in several functions.

Finally, there was a need to build a financial forecasting model, targets and business cases around the new strategy – something that had not been done before.

Innovative solution

behavioural change methodology

We defined the desired outcome in terms of translating the strategy into a strategy map, building a forecasting model including key targets and defining priorities to identify Execution Office as the relevant approach

We mobilized key stakeholders and created a common understanding of the context for change and clarity of the strategy implications. We used early communication to anchor on the hypotheses and ensured that requirements were clear at all levels at all times.

We then built the interventions to unite around a clear ambition and roadmap, engaging the broader organization, ensuring a hasslefree process and cocreating the purpose and the approach to the extent possible. Specifically, we created forums to design functional execution of the strategy and cross functional alignment. Several teams also went through our organizational structure design.

Finally, we continuously tested for adaption with ongoing support and facilitation, tracking strategic initiative progress and driving course correction. We focused on the followers – those who did things right in communications to get the rest on board, ensured small commitments for build up and helped plan responses to potential challenges

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