Case background

The client was a large global affordable luxury consumer brand with full value chain responsibility.

The retail network was comprised of own, franchise and multibranded stores in a variety of sizes, formats and location types.

Online had ecommerce in some countries and a global website, app, loyalty club and social media touch points.

There were several global customer databases as part of the loyalty club, Facebook ecommerce databases and POS databases.

Client challenge

While the client had a well built out touch points and a large database, there were a number of challenges:

The databases were separate with different data, a large potential overlap and relatively small active portion.

Several touch points and back end systems were unable to deal with even current requirements.

Consumers expect relevance and coherent functionality across touch points, while their channels were essentially siloed.

Innovative solution

omnichannel 3

Given time restraints we first built a high level strategy to understand and prioritize customer journey steps, touchpoint integrations and service needs.

We ran a highly involving vendor selection due to powerful client regions from a long list of 25 vendors to the only player, who at the time was able to support omnichannel

We managed the building of a combined database repository, configuration of 6 new system components and 5 touchpoints

We designed a new global and regional organization as well as defined new job descriptions for key new roles as well as supported recruitments of key roles

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