The Cases

We have helped some of the worlds most powerful brands succeed in their industries:

Case example background

The client was a mid sized IT company located in Denmark and focused on providing IT technology, management and strategy consultants to Danish enterprises.

The client had focused on delivering a limited number of high quality consultants primarily in the IT management segment and to a limited number of large enterprises in well paying sectors, using knowledge sharing as a differentiator.

The client had been through an internal reorganisation to get the right people on board, simplify the management structure and create a high performing team.


Client challenge

Growth strategies

The client had performed well based on the business model and internal efficiency generated in recent years, but they were looking for the next growth cycle.

Particularly, they were looking to understand the options available for growth and to cut down on the strategic initiatives to a manageable chunk.

Finally, the strategic initiatives needed to be broken down into new capabilities, organizational implications, targets and plans – all in record time and in a highly involving way to ensure buy in.


Innovative solution

megatrend analysis

We broadened the perspective through megatrends analysis to see the most attractive, relevant and defendable positions in the industry in the next 5-15 years. The process limits bounded awareness, status quo and anchoring.

We facilitated a debiased decision by closing down the options through defining a winning aspiration, selecting the playing field and how to win. Last steps focused on core capabilities and management systems to deliver on the strategy. The coherence between steps limits effects of confirmation bias and group think.

We reality tested assumptions by facilitating deep dives where necessary – areas of significant impact and uncertainty – to limit overconfidence, competitor neglect and probability neglect.

We helped the client prepare to be wrong by creating an implementation plan, ferreting out some of the potential risks and setting up early warning systems in the form of measurements, that would trigger a review, if they went outside certain boundaries. This helps limit emotional bias in case the strategy needed adjustment as well as planning fallacy and wishful thinking biases.

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