Been brandwashed lately?

From the second you walk through a retail door, you are being massively manipulated.

Why is the fresh fruit placed at the entrance in market style – could it be that this is priming your assessment of quality for the whole store, although you obviously cannot tell, since most is packaged?

Why do you have to walk all the way to the back to get the d… milk every time – could it be – shocker – that they want you to go through the whole store?

And why, oh why, would they put the candy right at the end, when you are the most weakest after fighting with your kids on an empty stomach for a solid hour?

Everything is organized to get you to buy more. The size of your cart drives the size of your purchase, the speed bumps gets you to stay longer in the right places and every sense is bombarded:

  • Music is designed for the behavior wanted like French music to get you to buy French wine
  • Tastings may entice you to buy something new but it never quite tastes the same at home
  • Products you touch increases the purchase likelihood dramatically
  • The store smells like fresh bakery, although they do not sell fresh bread
  • And the visuals – oh dont get me started!

But dont take my word for it: Check this short video on behavioural economics in retail with Martin Lindstrom, who is a global branding guru within neuromarketing.

In the next four blogs we will explore the exciting, fun and yeah quite manipulative world of marketing – buckle up!

If you cannot wait contact brian@behaviouralstrategygroup or +45-23103206 to learn how you find the perfect balance between manipulating for a better experience and manipulating for over consumption.

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