Going global!

25 years. Always international (Except a stint in a Danish focused company that paid for the most international MBA in the world – go figure). Cofounding a strategy consulting business of course starts at home, but where it ends…?

First role managing oil rigs in Australia, Venezuela and Qatar. I know. Not to fanciful these days. But back then it was the s…

Then expatriation to New York. Still pretty cool. If you can make it there…

On to Latin America. Love the life, the music, the drinks, the food… Well not all the food – it did turn me green for the duration of a 36 hour travel. No, I do not recommend it.

Philippines. Palm trees and white beaches. Most friendly and smiling people in the world. They sing in the supermarket! And not because they have an easy life – rather the opposite.

Total of 50 countries across 6 continents. But what about that consulting business in Denmark?

In the past year we have been asked to:

  • manage a global omnichannel strategy for a US clothing brand
  • run a global procurement conference in Spain
  • develop a growth strategy for a regional logistics company in Honduras
  • manage a two day seminar on advanced decision making in Mexico
  • …(you fill in the dots with something exotic)…

Not everything has or will materialize. Yet, I can feel it in the air tonight – we are going global!

If you also want to go global together, contact brian@behaviouralstrategygroup.com or +45-23103206.

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