Make change attractive – build a driving force

Show them a beautiful future

We are now moving on to the Attractiveness dimension of the EAST model. You want to paint a picture of an attractive future, so people want to go their on their own accord – to be intrinsically motivated instead of requiring carrots and sticks (extrinsic motivators).

There are lots of different intrinsic motivators, but you can briefly categorize them into attractive destinations vs attractive journeys and being something vs being a part of something:

Source: BSG

Purpose: Purpose is an example of being a part of an attractive destination. You are working hard because the destination is incredibly meaningful to you. Right now, the world is aflush with green business models – everybody is trying to convert our polluting old-style companies into sustainable solutions to energy, food, transport and production. Many of these are unable to pay a regular salary yet, but they have no problem attracting talent still. If your transformation in some way represents an improvement to a problem in the world or even just in your company, now is the time to flaunt it.

Gamification: Gamification is about making the journey fun and engaging by using typical game elements like point scoring, rules and competition with others. It can be done as an elaborate multiyear, multi country, multi-function, role playing monopoly style fully systemized game with own app and award show – or you could just ring a bell, whenever a sale has gone through. The key is to focus on what you want to achieve and make it a fun game.

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me can easily be misconstrued to be about money only, but this is all about ensuring an attractive destination for the individual. Whether fun jobs, dream promotion, part of an exciting network, access to top management, a week at the company university resort or something else.


This was the second dimension of the EAST model – last time we talked Easy and next time it is Social. If you cannot wait, you know what to do. or +45-23103206.

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