5 year anniversary!!!

Our acclaimed book Decision Strategy (translated from Danish Beslutningsstrategi)

Time flies, when you are working 100 hours per week (or so I heard from my younger self – but that is story for another time)! In 2016 I coauthored my first book and cofounded my first company – and never looked back (ok actually I did, but I noticed all these cool entrepreneurs never seem to do so on Linkedin, so sue me!).

Our book Decision Strategy received five stars in the most prestigious business paper in Denmark and went on to win global 5th place just shy of McKinsey, Bain and MITs books that year (and some ridiculous re-re-retelling of the business disaster in EAC – you will be forgiven for not remembering). It was the only time someone managed to not only structure your +200 biases into a comprehensible concept but also match them up against the right business tools – absolutely critical in a time flush with rebottled old concepts and no way of telling the difference (at least if you ask us, and we are certainly not biased…:)

I also left the comfort of corporate life that year. Boldly striking out on my own with many interested potential clients in our concept and exactly… zero signing up… OK I was a bit scared there for a month or so! But then Behavioural Strategy Group took on our first client with a growth strategy for an IT company. And a second. And a third. We combined megatrend analysis to avoid the availability bias group with a twist on Playing To Win strategy to minimize especially the confirmation bias group together with some deep dives and early warning systems to keep the overconfidence, emotional and loss aversion bias groups at bay. You never forget your first love!

It has been a blast despite the many ups and downs of entrepreneurship, but after a horrible 2020 I believe this year will be the best yet in terms of intriguing clients and challenging projects, so I can hardly wait to see the next 5 years. To celebrate the anniversary of our book and to give you all some exciting summer reading, I thought I would share the key learnings from the book one chapter every week for the next 10 weeks – stay tuned!

And if you cannot wait that long to learn the secret sauce behind our strategies, contact me at brian@behaviouralstrategygroup.com or +45-23103206.

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