Dilbert does Behavioural Strategy

Source: http://www.dilbert.com

Nobody explains business like Dilbert (or at least nobody is as entertaining while offering some insight at the same time)!

Our book Decision Strategy was awarded 5th place among global business books in 2016 by Danish business newspaper Børsen, where we structured our +200 biases into 6 core bias groups and matched these up against the best strategy tools. Embarrassingly enough Dilbert managed to more or less sum up the core findings in just one strip above…

So in acknowledging that Dilbert has the upper hand in communicating complex stuff in just three pictures, we will in the upcoming blog let him do the talking on the 6 core bias groups:

1) availability bias – where your world is the only one (ever seen an industry leader get disrupted?)

2) confirmation bias – when your idea suddenly finds confirming evidence everywhere (could it be… because you looked for it?)

3) overconfidence – where you are better than everyone at everything (are you by any chance an above average driver?)

4) emotional bias – the nifty functionality of worsening your other biases (thanks for nothing forefathers!)

5) loss aversion – where you put twice the value on losses than gains (do you prefer a bonus opportunity of DKK 250,000 or a higher base salary with the risk of losing DKK 250,000 if you do not reach your targets?)

6) bounded ethicality – where your ethical border moves away as you near it (anybody worked in banks in 2008?)

Once you nailed those six core bias groups, you are well under way to becoming a Behavioural Strategist (nah not really, but the structure does help a lot as opposed to learning 200 individual biases by heart…)!

Join us for a fun (and relatively safe) ride into uncharted decision making territory😊

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