New strategy services!


… Yeah so we thought we had gone on vacation, but running a company is not really work… and so there is not really a break… but there are breaking news!

We have just signed on several projects for second half 2017 and we are pretty much sold out – so maybe we can go on a well deserved and no-stress summer break!

That being said we are looking to boost the team and we will be launching two new smaller products that has often been requested by both C20 and midsized firms:

STRATEGY REVIEW: Being the new kid on the block with a super exciting concept in a conservative industry is not always easy and several companies have asked us to start out by reviewing their current strategy either in terms of biased decisions or lack of execution. This way you get a very different view with limited effort.

CRITICAL DECISION PROCESS: The core of what we do differently is that we take out biases from decisions through a host of tools and approaches. However many companies do not just gather once a year to set a strategy but take multiple critical decisions throughout a year and need a debiased process to do so. This way you can comfortably take strategic decisions without fear of biases.

We will be refining these two services over the next month or so (there goes the break), but do let us know, if you want to experience, how strategy based on behavioural economics can move your business.

If you want to learn more, then contact us here or read more on strategy and change at Behavioural Strategy Group.


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