And the winner is…


The competition for one of the last available copies of Beslutningsstrategi is over and the winner has been found…

Børsen awarded this book 5th place globally and it received wide praise from readers, structuring our +200 biases into a coherent whole and treating each bias type with the relevant strategic management tools.

We are happy to announce that the winner is Steffen Pihlmann and we wish him all the best in applying the tools and insights in his job as Business & Strategy Manager at Nordea Global Private Banking!

The prize will be handed over by coauthor and Behavioural Strategy Group partner, Brian Kaasner Kristiansen just in time for a great summer vacation reading. The book is expected to sell out before summer according to our publisher but it still available right now at: Beslutningsstrategi

Thank you all for participating in our first ever online competition – we hope you enjoyed it just half as much as we did!

If you want to learn more, then contact us here or read more on strategy and change at Behavioural Strategy Group.


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