Kicking a.. and taking names!


Spoiler alert: There will be some bragging in the next few paragraphs!

The tree is up, the house is decorated and the lawn has a fresh layer of… well, rainy mist, because we do not see as much snow in Denmark as we used to…

… and a lot of things are not as it used to be – we founded Behavioural Strategy Group, because no one were taking our human biases into account in strategy. We are here to make a difference, to change strategy consulting to avoid the historical 70% failure rate and towards a solid next practice with real results by a factor 6 in line with McKinsey research.

We wrote “Decision Strategy” structuring our +200 biases and presenting the types of tools necessary to circumvent our biases – our book went on to take 5th place in 2016 global management books after Bain and McKinsey in business newspaper, Børsen.

This year was a great start with 5 new clients creating a combined 10-20% income growth and we are looking into a 2017 with an expected doubling of revenue from several both new and returning clients.

It would be a lie to say that it all went according to plan. Or that it was easy. Or that there were no sleepless nights. But we made it through our first year in good shape. And for that we would like to thank everyone who helped us along the way with advice, network, speaking arrangements, housing, cobranding and not least our first projects!

Here’s to a beautiful 2017!

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