Stratecution Nugget: Look for the white stroller


One of our partners told the story about how his wife had desperately wanted a white stroller for their second child and he had argued vehemently, that there was no such thing. Within a day he had suddenly seen three of them!

Many are familiar with this aspect of our brain that we can basically set our “radar” to look for certain visual and even audio cues. What is less well known is that it has a devious angle to it. Once you have an idea that you like, you will start looking for evidence, that supports it – and distance yourself from opposing views.

This is of course confirmation bias at play and you can imagine what happens, when the manager at the end of the table gets an idea – good or otherwise it will get supported. Maybe less like a white stroller and more like a black swan.

This weeks Stratecution NEXT blog will be about confirmation bias and in anticipation, here is a great video showing just how far we humans can take it – enjoy!

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