Stratecution Nugget: Recruit the elephant


Our products, marketing, pricing and channels are all viewed through our customers broken lens. By understanding their human biases we can build up our universe to make it as easy and convincing as possible to buy from us.

In behavioural economics we talk about the elephant and the rider of decision making. Most of our decisions are taken almost automatically represented by the elephant just marching, where it pleases (our intuition), while a few decisions are taken through real analysis represented by the rider on top of the elephant (our analytical side).

When you want customers or any other stakeholder to buy into an idea, it rarely helps much to appeal to their analytical side. It is hard work and the rider is lazy, so only the most important issues are dealt with here. That is when you recruit the elephant by appealing to the emotional side of people like in this world class commercial:

Recruit the elephant

This commercial has been labelled the most impactful commercial in their space ever and as parents this hits us right in the heart every time.

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