BSG: Michelangelo rocks!


“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”

In the last few months we have been hammering away and finally discovered the statue inside – who we are, what we believe in and why that matters to you.

Our core belief

We still believe that the next practice in strategy management is leveraging how people actually make decisions – instead of how they should make decisions. We all know that 70% of strategies fail, but the interesting part is the reason they fail – apparently for everyday reasons. And those everyday reasons are closely tied to the key biases that drive +95% of our decisions.


Our raison d’être

We have in our book, Decision Strategy with 5 stars in Børsen as one of the best management books of the year, outlined the most successful existing approaches to strategy and change disciplines. We base ourselves of top tier problem solving methodology, but McKinsey research shows that the decision process is 6 times as important as data analysis and extends into the myriad of organizational decisions during execution – strategic decision processes are thus our natural focus.


Our value proposition

Typically, top tier players focus on delivering 100% perfect best practice solutions – that is their brand and heritage. Our brand and legacy is to deliver 100% implementable next practice solutions, i.e. we broaden the perspectives beyond historical best practice, because the future rarely looks like the past anymore, and think execution from day 1 to avoid the typical plans incompatible with the passion, competencies or financial resources of organizations.


Now that our own statue is discovered, we are ready to take on the sculptors mantle to help you building your strategy or supporting your change. Did you like this blog article on Behavioural Strategy Group? Then contact us here, follow us or read some of the other articles on strategy and change.

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