From the second you walk through the door to the retail store, you are being manipulated.

Watch this video on behavioural economics in retail with Martin Lindstrom, who is a global branding guru within neuromarketing.

From the smell of fresh bakery luring you in over the fruits placed at the entrance to prime you to think of everything in the store as fresh and forcing you to walk to the back past all the other products for milk to attacking you when you are at your weakest before the cashiers with candy, everything is organized to get you to buy more.

The size of the cart drives the size of your purchase, the speed bumps gets you to stay longer in the right places and every sense is bombarded: Music is designed for the behaviour wanted, smells like the bakery may be used, even if there is no bread on sale, tastings may put you in the right shopping mood, products you touch increases the chance of purchase dramatically etc.

All of this is about how the consumer think and there is a fine line between manipulating for a better experience and manipulating for over consumption. At Behavioural Strategy Group we stay on the side of the white hats.

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